NotifyMDM Overview

ActiveSync Compatibility for BlackBerry

NotifySync provides organizations the ability to connect BlackBerry devices directly to any email platform supporting ActiveSync. Read the overview below or download the data sheet for more information.

Email Synchronization

NotifySync creates a new email mailbox for the BlackBerry with direct connect support to any email platform supporting ActiveSync.

Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

NotifySync utilizes BlackBerry's native calendar, address book and tasks applications for users to make an easy transition to NotifySync.


NotifySync provides device encryption, remote wipe, password enforcement and inactivity timeout among other security features to ensure data is protected.


NotifySync supports 34 IT policies ideal for organizations that are utilizing a select number of policies on their BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and are looking for a more cost-effective alternative that better meets their requirements.

Requires No Additional Servers

NotifySync does not require additional servers such as the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to connect your BlackBerry device to your email platform. However, NotifySync can be used with the BES data plan or the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) data plan.


Single Pane-of-Glass MDM

When used in conjunction with Notify's Mobile Device Management solution (NotifyMDM), NotifySync allows organizations to manage their BlackBerry devices in the same administrative console that they manage their iOS and Android devices.