NotifyMDM Overview

Mobile Device Management

Whether on-premise or in the cloud, NotifyMDM provides organizations of any size, real-time visibility and control over a variety of mobile devices regardless of operating system, liability, carrier or email platform. For more information, download the data sheet.

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On-Premise and Cloud Delivery

Do you have a preference on where your MDM solution is being managed? NotifyMDM accommodates both on-premise and cloud environments. Our cloud offering provides the exact same functionality as the on-premise platform with no additional hardware installation required at your site. Both versions also support VMware and are able to support a multi-tenant architecture.

Centralized Dashboard Monitor

Would you like to know the breakdown of users by device platform, carrier, policy, or ownership? NotifyMDM's centralized dashboard allows you to choose from over 30 graphs to quickly display up-to-date organizational information, device statistics, and usage data.

Policies and Security

Do you have corporate-liable and individual-liable (BYOD) devices that require varying levels of control? Does your BYOD program require you to control non-exempt employee devices using time-based policy enforcement? Policies can be created easily using built-in tools. NotifyMDM comes equipped with adjustable sliders that set predetermined security levels based on ownership. In addition, the administrator can edit policy categories for added customization to meet specific security requirements.

Application Management and File Share

The chances are if you need to manage and control mobile devices, you also need a way to manage and control the data they are accessing. Increase your control of the mobile apps your users are accessing by remotely installing or uninstalling specific apps, as well as defining whitelisted and blacklisted apps for specific users or user groups. Also upload and share files to keep users up-to-date with the latest information.

Real-Time Device Statistics and Location

Increase Help Desk efficiencies by quickly capturing device and user information such as battery life, device memory, signal strength, encryption status, location, location history and more. The data grid view contains search capabilities to view a user based on specific criteria such as user name, device type, policy suite or phone number.

Report Generation and Logging

View and export reports to analyze device statistics, user information, system alerts, phone and text logs, as well as administrative activity.

Compliance Manager and Alerts

You have defined and deployed your policies, but how will you effectively enforce them? Compliance Manager ensures devices connecting into the NotifyMDM server are complying with their designated policies. If a device is identified as non-compliant, that device will be denied access to corporate assets like email, apps, and files and an alert will notify the administrator to take action.

Wireless Usage and Monitoring

Gain better visibility into who is roaming and the amount of data devices are using for business and personal use. NotifyMDM also provides usage indicators identifying various network upload and download data amounts.


End User Self-Service Portal

NotifyMDM provides an optional self-service portal where you can allow your users to initiate a remote wipe or lock their device if it is stolen, locate their device if it is misplaced, recover their password if it is forgotten, or view and install mobile applications –-all under complete oversight of the administrator.