Mobile Device Management and Security

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As mobile devices continue to penetrate the workplace, organizations face new challenges in maintaining proper levels of visibility and control over their users and the data they are accessing. It is here that NotifyMDM provides its value – relieving the pain points associated with the inherent risks of consumer-driven technology in the enterprise.

Challenge: Control, Oversight, Enforcement

The proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, whether they be smartphones or tablets, corporate or personal liable, continues to task IT business decision makers with having to address the many facets of adopting a secure mobility strategy.

  • Define and enforce usage policies
  • Provision users for secure access
  • Monitor and identify users on the network
  • Segregate corporate and personal data
  • Determine what apps can be used
  • Maximize business usage efficiencies
  • Disable features in regulated environments
  • Protect against lost or stolen devices
  • Establish a course of action for device misuse
  • Achieve scalability for business growth

Solution: NotifyMDM

NotifyMDM provides organizations of any size, real-time visibility and control over a variety of mobile devices regardless of operating system, liability, carrier, or email platform. Whether On-Premise or On-Demand (hosted), NotifyMDM provides a number of features including policy creation, compliance management, device statistics, audit tracking, app management, file sharing, and report generation, all from a single administrative console.

The product is designed to be simple, efficient, and affordable.  NotifyMDM provides organizations an intuitive, user-friendly way of simplifying the complexities of supporting a mobile workforce at a price that is affordable.

Supported Device Platforms

Supported Device Platforms

Advantage: Notify Technology

  • Consultative approach
  • Framing mobility strategies
  • Crafting Acceptable Usage Policies
  • Managing implementation of NotifyMDM
  • Engaged from planning through post deployment

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"We decided to implement a 1 to 1 roll out of Android devices to every student from 2nd grade to 12th grade. Working with Notify and NotifyMDM we were able to identify our requirements as well as satisfy the concerns of both the parents and our Security Department."

– Director of IT
   K-12 School District

"Our organization is ruled by HIPPA compliance requirements. After telling our physicians they could not utilize iOS and Android tablets, because of these requirements, we were finally able to find the justification to allow them. NotifyMDM provided us with the ability to help meet our HIPPA requirements. Notify Technology helped us define the business case to justify their usage."

– Mgr Network Security
   Healthcare Company

"Working with Notify Technology we were able to form a policy to begin billing for content specific text messages with our clients. NotifyMDM allows us to capture and conduct eDiscovery for SMS text messages."

– Senior Partner
   Law Firm