NotifySCM Overview

Secure Content Management

Whether on-premise or in the cloud, NotifySCM provides organizations of any size, a Data Loss Prevention solution for personally owned devices of your employees or business partners who need access to company information on their mobile devices. Read the overview below or download the data sheet for more information.

On-Premise and Cloud Delivery

Do you have a preference on where your Secure Content Management solution is being managed? NotifySCM accommodates both on-premise and cloud environments. Our cloud offering provides the exact same functionality as the on-premise platform but depending on the level of resource access will require additional hardware or a VPN connection to your internal network.

Centralized Administrative Control

Would you like to know the breakdown of users by device platform, carrier, policy, or ownership? NotifySCM's centralized dashboard allows you to choose from over 30 graphs to quickly display up-to-date organizational information, device statistics, and usage data.

Policies and Security

NotifySCM supports the mapping of security groups but Active Directory or LDAP groupings. Various security options/policies can be designated by security group assignment.

Support for Email and PIM Access

Support for email, calendar, contacts, and tasks within the Secure Workspace application on the mobile device.

Support for Secure Browsing

Support for accessing internal intranet sites as well as services without the need of a VPN connection.

Support for Document Access

Support for accessing SharePoint, Windows, and various CMIS document management systems from the mobile device without the need of a VNP connection.


Compliance Detection and Alerts

Compliance detection ensures devices connecting into the NotifySCM server are complying and have not been rooted or jail broken. If a device is identified as non-compliant, that device will be denied access to corporate assets like email, intranet sites, and documents – and an alert will notify the administrator to take action.