NotifySCM Overview

Remote Device Support

With millions of mobile devices being used for business, the effort to support all these devices and their applications has created a support challenge for organizations, managed service providers and IT service providers. NotifyRDS was designed with one simple goal and that is to provide a simple and effective support tool to increase the effectiveness and productivity of your mobile device technical support or help desk team. For more information, download the data sheet.

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Cloud Delivery and Data Center Standards

NotifyRDS has been designed as a cloud based service offering to provide our customers with a highly scalable and reliable solution. NotifyRDS is hosted in a state-of-the-art secure data center with multi-layer security control procedures, biometric entry systems, and 24/7 closed circuit video and alarm monitoring. Our data center is SSAE-16 compliant and audited annually.

User Interface

Your end users just need to run a simple program on their computer. No admin privilege required for your PC or MAC. All iOS/Android end users can download the “NotifyRDS” mobile app from the associated app stores. End users can easily initiate a support session with a remote help desk representative with a simple exchange of a 9 digit PIN code which is displayed on the remote device once the NotifyRDS application is opened. Perfect for ad hoc support.


All screen viewing and remote control is initiated and terminated by the end user insuring the utmost control for privacy. The NotifyRDS mobile app generates a 9 digit code which is relayed by the end user to the PC help desk where it is entered into the NotifyRDS Windows app to initiate screen viewing and on specific devices, initiate remote control. All data transmission between the mobile device and PC or MAC help desk utilizes a combination of TLS 1.2 and AES 256 encryption to provide the highest level of security and privacy.

Connection Type and Speed

With NotifyRDS it only takes seconds to connect a mobile device to a help desk PC or MAC. NotifyRDS can operate on Wi-Fi or cellular data connections. Notify has evolved a point to point technology that is mature, performing, and scalable. Performance can reach up to 30FPS depending on type of connection.

Scalability and Reliability

NotifyRDS has been designed to be highly scalable cloud service that can support thousands of simultaneous connections. NotifyRDS provides a secure connection between mobile device and help desk PC or MAC without the need of a VPN connection. NotifyRDS guarantees a 99.9% SLA uptime for all its customers.


Support for Multiple Mobile Platforms

NotifyRDS provides real time screen viewing support for devices running Apple OS iOS 11 and later. NotifyRDS provides real time screen viewing for any Android 5.x and above and remote control for any Samsung or LG mobile device.