Notify and MobileOps bring a better-together approach to secure BYOD

As organizations develop their mobile strategies to increase productivity, collaboration, and competitive edge, the inherent risks associated with mobile data, devices, and applications create concern among IT departments with exposures to unseen vulnerabilities and potential data loss. Notify and MobileOps have joined forces to provide a more secure approach to mobility by combining mobile device management and advanced mobile application management, ideal for BYOD adopters.

Mobile Application Management

  • Deploying Enterprise Mobile Apps
  • Securing Mobile Application and Information
  • Monitoring Application Usage and Application Health
  • Diagnosing Application Crashes

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Mobile Device Management

  • Policy Configuration and Security
  • Secure Content Containerization
  • Real-Time Device Statistics
  • Compliance Management and Alerts

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In a mobile world, business activities are carried out using mobile applications. Securing the applications and the devices accessing the data they contain has become a key requirement of IT security teams. Achieving good application security historically requires application developers to double as security experts, hardening their applications and staying current on ever evolving security exploits. MobileOps helps by eliminating the need for manually hardening enterprise applications, freeing up time for development to focus on building application functional capabilities. MobileOps AppVisor™ technology automatically wraps enterprise mobile apps with a security police engine that hardens the application. Notify helps by providing proper levels of management, security and oversight of the smartphones and tablets accessing these applications regardless of device operating system.

Together, Notify and MobileOps bring a combined strategy to empower organizations to embrace mobility in a secure and controlled manner, putting critical information in the hands of users while keeping security firmly in the grip of IT.