The level of efficiency in operations can make or break manufacturing organizations. Mobility plays an integral role streamlining critical processes through system automation, improving collaboration over a diverse workforce, as well as increasing visibility into supply chain management, sales, warehousing, distribution, and production.


The ongoing pressure to streamline operations, reduce waste, and produce maximum efficiency brings new challenges to mobile workers. This applies to every part of the business, from purchasing to shipping. Organizations must allow secure access to critical information, anywhere from any device, while meeting quality standards defined by programs such as ISO and Six Sigma.

  • Securing proprietary, non-public data on mobile devices
  • Supporting Bring Your Own Device programs
  • Managing a broad spectrum of smartphones and tablets
  • Distributing and securing mobile apps and files
  • Mitigating device misuse during business hours
  • Eliminating paper-based processes
  • Accessing real-time device and user data

Solution: NotifyMDM

NotifyMDM provides manufacturing organizations real-time visibility and control over smartphones and tablets, allowing workers timely access to the data they need to keep the supply chain lean and mean. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, NotifyMDM brings simplicity and affordability to mobility management so manufacturing organizations can stay focused on their core business. Here's how: